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Chin State is a state of Myanmar. Its capital is Hakhar. There are 14 townships in the Chin State: Cikha, Hakha, Falam, Kanpalet, Matupi, Rezua, Mindat, Paletwa, Rihkhuadar, Thantlang, Teddim, Tuithang and Tonzang. To the north and east of Chin State is Sagaing Division, to the south are Magway Division and Rakhine State, to the west are Bangladesh and India. The Chin are made up of many sub-groups which although historically related now speak divergent languages and have different cultural and historical identities. Chin New Year festival is held annually in Chin State on the waxing moon of the month Kason, May. And its festival is performed a dance making farewell to the old year and welcoming New Year. And wishing everyone new life with new vitality and happiness. These are a dance called Sa Lan which is performed by beautiful maidens. It is the dance to memorize the conquest over the enemies, the killing of wild enemies and to celebrate the victory over the enemies Sa ice festival dances victory over the wild games.

Heart-Shaped Reed Lake

Situated between Chin and Indian mountain ranges, very close to the Indo-Burma border, Reed Lake, also known as Rih Dil (or Rih Lake), is 2,800 feet above sea level and has a 3-mile circumference. The lake is full all year round and turns a reddish color in December every year. An attempt to drain it was made during the British colonial period, but all the diggers were killed by an unknown plague! Chin people believe that all spirits have to pass through the lake, (see below), and it was these spirits who disapproved of the attempt to dry it up.

Mt. Victoria:
Also known as Natma-taung National Park was established in 1994. The 279 square mile wide National Park is situated in Chin State and it is spread out to Mindat Township, Kanpetlet Township, and Matupi Township. There are different kinds of forest types such as Hill Evergreen forests, Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous forests, Pine forest and Hill Savannah. On the way to Mt. Victoria Peak, observe the natural forests trees, orchids, and especially "Rhododendron”. There are also 159 bird species including 5 indigenous, especially the unique bird (white browed nuthatch), which can be seen only in the Natmataung National Park.


The beautiful and remote mountainside town of Falam was founded by the British in 1892, and served as an important administrative centre until 1974, when Hakha became capital of the newly formed Chin State. Falam is well worth a visit both to experience Chin culture and take in the distinctive surrounding scenery, both of which are very different to the rest of Myanmar.

Shwebontha Pagodas
It lies at the confluence of Neyinzaya and Myittha Rivers in Kalemyo, Chin State. It was one of the 84,000 pagodas sponsored by King Thiri Dhamma Thawka as- it was built under the reign of (wing Landapala in Sakarit 225 enshrining the relics sent by King Thiri Dhamma Thawka. It is over 300 years older than the city of Kale as the city was built on the 5th waning moon day of Tabodwe, Kawza Sakarit 328. In Sakarit 450, King Alaung Sithu of Bagan got to the venue of the pagoda and had it repaired while the barge was at rest. The pagoda has been repaired successively by lay people and it is now standing in full splendour.